about the project (fixed things)


It seems pretty simple. I was born and raised in Texas. Both of my parents grew up on family farms. For as far back as my grandma could remember, our whole family had been from Texas. There were a lot of farmers, preachers and teachers. And for the most part, no one in my family gets what I do, nor can they comprehend why I don’t just paint pretty pictures.

Many of my processes and materials are collected from memories—things I have learned growing up or things my grandma taught me, or did, or used. Even her stories have molded how I remember and retell my stories. I am fascinated by memory, its influence on communication and how we remember and misremember. Through time and telling, our memories evolve. They are fact-based fictions, always. This is why I call my work documentary fiction. It is all a little bit false while remaining completely true.
I earned my BFA in 2000 from Florida International University and my MFA in 2003 from the University of Arizona. Me and my dog, Tonta, are currently living and working in Miami, Florida
where i still do everything but paint pretty pictures