about me (kerry m phillips) the fixer


This is an ongoing project documenting my amazing knack for not throwing anything away. Well, really, it is more than that - but you probably already knew that.

My parents met at a square dance. I love to say that. How many people get to say things like that? They both grew up on farms in Texas. While I didn't grow up on the farm, we did spend a lot of time there. And the skills and ways my parents learned on the farms permeated our lives in a regular house with a regular yard going to school with so many other regular kids.
My dad’s the handy kind of dad. He can always fix things, and he likes to make things work better, more efficiently. He does this the same way they fixed things around the farm—oldfangled know-how meets MacGyver ingenuity. The fixings weren’t always pretty or fashionable; but they were efficient and they worked—even if only for a short while.
This way seeped into every aspect of my life growing up. It was a crash course in ingenuity and problem-solving and positive thinking. It enhanced my playtime. I kept a roll of toilet paper in the back yard so we wouldn’t have to go back inside the house. I made my own Barbie doll clothes from scraps of fabric. I didn’t know how to sew, but they all had buttons and snaps and Velcro fasteners. It is still the way I work and think and teach and create.
This is an ongoing documentation of my fixed things. Things I have fixed in the way I do things, the way my dad does things. Things I have brought back to use, if even for a short while.